Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tiff Begins

Not much of a blogger--but as an exercise I plan on reviewing the films I am attending at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. (2010)


*"Submarine" (UK) Have tickets to World Premiere of this one--Richard Ayoade's (The ITCrowd) film starring Sally Hawkins and Paddy Considine.

*"The Trip" (UK) Civilized "road trip" movie from Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan--set in the context of food criticism, in the Lake District. This will be hilarious I am sure, complete with wild improvisations of Michael Caine, I hear.

*"Three"  (Germany) Stylish, innovative filmmaker Tom Tykwer returns to his native Berlin for a tale of a modern love triangle. A 40-something Berlin couple both--for different reasons--have an affair with the same man. Neither husband or wife knows of the other's indiscretion...

Plus...If I SOMEHOW get tickets: "Cave of Forgotten Dreams". Werner Herzog enters Chauvet Caves and films in 3D....All shows sold out for this one instantly, to my dismay.

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